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Mid-Atlantic Chapter Mission Statement​

Sharing the vision set forth by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon and the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML), the Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MA-GIML) is entrusted with the advancement of Music Learning Theory in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.

The purpose of the Gordon Institute for Music Learning is to advance music understanding through audiation. We believe in the music potential of each individual and support an interactive learning community with opportunities for musical and professional development.

MA-GIML is dedicated to:

  • continuing study, support, and growth of Music Learning Theory throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

  • creating a nurturing and supportive community for researchers and practitioners of Music Learning Theory.

  • promoting the use of Music Learning Theory in Mid-Atlantic schools and learning environments.

  • disseminating research in music education and its practical applications in the music classroom.

  • providing professional development resources such as workshops and newsletters at the local level.

We encourage you to learn more about GIML and become a member
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